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My name is Darius Groza and my goal is to travel around the world. Other than that, there’s no particular plan. Sorry to disappoint you. I’ve been through this text dozens of times during the past 2 or 3 years, trying to make it just right, in an effort to explain what I’m supposed to do. Guess I failed. It is being written “on the road”, just like any lame pathetic excuse for a reckless act.

Fact is I’m not supposed to do anything. I’m just finding – out along with you – if one normal guy such as me (or any of you) can see the whole Globe. I am not trained in hiking. I don’t have a promising physical condition. I’m actually kinda fucking chubby. And there’s no real money. So this is a long shot.

I got on me the equivalent of 150 bucks, one laptop for getting online to document this, one camcorder for filming, a Goped scooter, an MP3 Player and some cables to manage together all of the above. And papers.

Anyway, to get back to the point, some of you guys knew about my leaving for some time know (and I thank you for keeping it a secret like I asked) and some of you didn’t. There was no criteria in picking you. There’s really important people that needed to NOT be aware of what I intend to do (such as my family) and there’s not so important people that had to know. And vice-versa.

This endever (endevour, endevur, I have no clue how you spell it, what I’m trying to say “action” or “something I started”) had several forms before I actually got to do it but they are all in vain now. It was suppose to be after I finished Journalism and Communication/PR that my parents have paid for in the last part of my life. This was supposed to be responsible and shit. But it’s all down the drain now.

You basically got the point. As stated in the video I’m gonna try to attach to this post, I’m going East and coming back (in as much time as it will take) from the West. I’m not gonna CIRCLE, I’m gonna zig-zag Earth, so I see as much as I can from the countries and cultures I’m bound to cross.

I pretty much had a lot of things figured for “a trip with no plan”, probably enough to make it safer but too much to make it matter, which sucked for the whole concept, but luckily I forgot it all at this point…

The whole idea was to see if I manage to do it and that would mean anyone could, so… I guess here goes.

Some notes:

Do NOT get worried. ANYTHING can happen, so there’s no use in thinking about it all the way through. I’m not gonna. So you shouldn’t either. Neither. Whatever.

Mom and dad: Do not freak out. I know how important calling me is for you. I guess that’s gonna be a little bit hard for a while, but I promise I’m gonna be back. (Try to explain this to bunica Ioana and bunicu’ Petrică without causing any unwanted heart-attacks.)

Brother: Do NOT use any of my stuff. I’ll need them back. By the way, Flaviu will be by till Easter for the EEEpc. He owes me 50 mil. Buy something nice. Like half the rent for April.

Here comes the paragraph where I thank people who will welcome me back when I don’t die: everyone at Vitrina Advertising (whether I fail or succeed… I still wanna come back to that, so try to keep my desk open just in case – do I need to name names or is Mihaela Rus enough?). All friends (you know who you are). All that are more than friends (everyone know who you are).

I’m kinda car sick at this point, something I’ll have plenty of time to get use to, but for now, I’m pretty sure I’ll get back on this, so bye.

Short recap: goal is simple – every day find a place to sleep, something to eat and a way to get further. See you soon.

The first person that helped me was Micky Csintala. He’s usually a truck driver, but he is now driving his own Dacia car. He’s dead tired and he had a crappy day, which he says is the very reason he even stopped. He saw me helpless on one side of the road. He picked me up from Cluj-Napoca (where this whole thing started and he is driving me about 100 km to Alba-Iulia, where I’m gonna try to catch the second ride.

It is obvious now (and kinda predictable) that I’ve left my camera charger at home. Until I find a way to get it or get a new one, I’ll be documenting with my webcam.

[there’s a movie below, I’ve just uploaded and I’m on my way; it might take a little while till you can view it]


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