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I lied.


Twice. Once about Greece. I was thinking of quitting and a prank that I continued was the best idea I could come up with in those desperate times, hehe.

So the story: I got scared. I didn’t go to no Greece. Farthest I got was Bulgaria and that was the scariest tip of any iceberg I’ve ever crashed into. Anyway, I came back. I was hoping to get someone else to come along, because it’s the most logical thing I could think of and it’s anything and everything that it’s missing. Went through 2 people. Both chickened out or had reason.

Second lie: I assured everyone I won’t do it again and my parents emotionally blackmailed me as hard as they could. They are right too, but really now – what use is this to anything if not at least turning myself out trying to do it? I’m positive it can work. So I left towards a different direction.

I’m goin’ West, through Hungary. Since I’ve switched to this route in my Quest For Nothing in Particular, one truck-driver picked me up for Oradea, which is about two dozen kilometers from the border. This after a taxi-driver kindly drove me out of the city for free. Seriously, it works. Tell them you’re taking a trip around the world. With the second driver, the truck one, I engaged into jokes on death and elaborated techniques with which they can trick time-sheets on their cars so they can drive more days in a row; that’s reassuring.

Oh, by the way: thanks for the support. Really. I didn’t realize it would matter this much. It did. You can feel guilty. You’re keeping me going.

So I can’t let it go. So on my way again. (Parents! I’m taking my phone. I will try to charge the battery as soon as possible.) I’m taking it slowly this time, I feel that I’ve pushed it a little. Staying in cities longer, resting, figuring out next step methodically.

And I am gonna try it as many times as it needs to work out. This wasn’t suppose to be a perfect journey. So it’ll be an honest one. And I really wish I won’t get used to set-backs. I figure since I have a couple of days left from my holiday from work… what’s a few countries?

So I’m goin’ Europe first. And see where that takes me. One little continent at a time.

Oh, not to forget: thanks, Lucică, for the ride yesterday, to Bechet, sorry I forgot to mention you. And Andrei – your fucking tape is with Flaviu Comănescu, who’ll be in Cluj by tomorrow. He’ll look you up. You can stop freaking out. Renate’s time-sheet for work will be on it’s way as soon as I can. Do mention there where 12 hours on the Camex TV ad demo on Friday. Not that that’ll get me a raise anytime soon.

[this post might have updates, either as text, pics or vids; anything like that will come bellow this line]

[Later edit] 1. I got to Budapest safe, I’m in the Western Center, in the Western End Mall. I’m gonna try to find a place to sleep as soon as possible, ’cause I’m already in the second part of the day. I’ll get online later, if I have the time and the possibility.


My desk at work, after I left. Colleagues at Vitrina are being funny. (During work time.)



Extra-extra: Nice fella’ Lucian S. working in Bruxelles, apparent Jeg reader, offered warm bed in advance to irresponsible blogger.


I have had and excellent day in Budapest, along with my first host, Nemere Kereszi and his friends. Today I will me strolling along the city and write my notes on this stay. I will also add a movie and pictures by the end of the day. Luckily I was fed royally by Nemere and I got the chance to sleep in a bed for the first time since I left. So I could say that so far my goal of trying to be as fresh as I can by at least every 3 days has been fulfilled. The idea is that if every few days I freshen up, in my head it would be almost like I just left, if you neglect the psychological aspect that I would be thousands of miles away from home. I will keep you posted with the rest hopefully by tonight.

Me and my host, Nemere.


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  • Bulgaria, Ungaria… e de ajuns pentru o vacanta (care se si termina curand), nu crezi? Intoarce-te 🙂

  • 1. La început a fost cuvîntul….
    2. Apoi a fost Badea Cîrţan.
    3. Apoi “De la Bârca la Viena şi înapoi“ de Adrian Păunescu.
    4. In curînd se va scrie “De la cîrma vaporului la Cotroceni, succesuri după succesuri“.
    5. Aşa că Darius s-a hotărît să-i lase pe toţi de căruţă, nu-i aşa ?

    Oricum este singurul în stare să dea definiţia corectă pentru îţâşă.

  • Daca treci prin germania, si ai nevoie de ajutor, baga un post pe forumul de la ro-de.org

  • Văd că deja comunitatea internaţională românească reacţionează. Poate că pelerinajul tânărului nostru erou va face ce nu au reuşit câteva guverne de la revoluţie încoace, să unească diaspora… Probabil că în SUA şi Canada vor fi foarte mulţi… şi în Argentina sunt câţiva, poate şi Venuezuela. Nu am auzit de Români în Papua Noua Guinee, dar poate se vor găsi şi acolo, în Australia sunt sigur. 🙂 S-ar putea ca jurnalul de călătorie sa dureze ceva….

  • Normal nu as putea zice ca esti…da’ pe de alta parte din normalitate nu sint sanse sa iasa ceva genial….asa ca ma bucur ca exita oameni ca tine si sint curios ce va iesi de aici… 🙂
    Daca o sa ai nevoie de ajutor, da un SMS….
    Spor si sper sa ne vedem odata si odata cu bine…:)
    (Numai) al dvs,

  • Dariuse tata… EU plec maine in tara si ma intorc pe 12. AM sa vad pe 12 dimineata pe unde ai ajuns. Daca esti prin regiune te contactez eu. Nu te iau la mine sa dormi dar te pot ajuta cu un bistarel si ceva de mancare. Vedem.

  • mai vezi ca eu ma trec cu tine in camera la hajdu…..blabla cum ne-am stabilit….sau ce sa fac?

  • I’m not quite sure to be honest. You might have to relink it again as I’m assuming that the URL of the link will be altered when it is moved outside of Weebly.

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